This page is about me and my projects.
SandBay was created for the purpose of bringing to the world all the possibilities that technology can offer.
A small corner of paradise without walls but with a boundless sea of possibilities.

  • 3D Models

    3D Models

    3D modeling is expanding as far as the eye can see given the wide variety of uses available, starting from video games to more sophisticated designs. I like to give vent to imagination and creativity thanks to the knowledge in this field.
  • Web Sites

    Web Sites

    For several years I have been passionate about that vast world that is the Internet. I ensure that everything is accessible and usable even on the Web, which has now become a powerful vehicle for growth, development and advertising.
  • Graphics


    The right image is always convenient. It is necessary to ensure that whoever wants to know you knows what you can offer them.
  • Tools


    I love getting lost in programming. The elegance of the code is equivalent to a brushstroke on a canvas. Writing code is equivalent to solving a puzzle as efficiently as possible.

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